Friday, June 21, 2013

Providing Protection One Business, One Individual, One Senior at a Time

With my sons now grown, it is no longer important for me to know the local school's schedule.     This week, however, I've noticed many posts on Facebook with regards to graduations, have seen pictures of children on their last day of school, and have noticed local graduation ceremonies in the newspaper.  

These things brought a smile to my face as I remembered the last day of each school year for my children and how they anxiously awaited summer.    They loved the fact that I didn't have to wake them up and could literally play all day.  Picnics outside, playing in the pool, trips to the beach, baseball games, and our annual camping trip were always treasured by each of us.  

As I thought about our summer days, I remembered doing everything I could to protect my sons against injury and keep them healthy.     For instance, they weren't allowed to ride their bikes without a helmet.    They had to wear sunscreen and if we were heading into the woods, bug spray would always come with us.   I made sure to keep food cool so they wouldn't get food poisoning.    

Now that they are grown, I can no longer protect them the way I used to when they were children.    When my granddaughter, Rosslyn comes for a visit, my motherly instinct goes into full gear.    We block off the stairs, close up electrical sockets, close doors, put up gates, and protect her as much as we can.  

When I thought of this, it really confirmed for me that I am in the best career.    I am still able to protect children.     I am still able to protect families.    It is much different than protecting my children, but it is still protection.    

When I sit down with businesses that want to provide health, dental, life, and supplemental plans for their employees, it is gratifying to know that one more person is protected.    It doesn't matter whether the business has one employee or 300 employees, everyone deserves protection.      They can get proper medical help when needed.    They can get their teeth cleaned.    Their children will be able to learn as much as they can when in school because they had the proper vision care.  

When I sit down with a family that wants to buy life insurance, I am able to sleep a little bit better that night because another family is protected.      I know that if something happened, that little boy or girl would still miss their Mother or Father, but would have much less stress because their parents loved them enough to still care for them after they were gone.  

When I sit down with a senior that is overwhelmed about Medicare choices, it is humbling to see a sigh a relief when they now understand what they need to do.  

The reality is that we can do everything humanly possible to protect.     I did all I could to make sure that my sons didn't get hurt when they were outside, but things still happened.    Andrew still got a black eye when he was playing baseball with his brother.    Michael still needed a trip to the emergency room when his finger got stuck in the car door.     Rosslyn still took a tumble down a few stairs.  

My clients will still receive a diagnosis that will change their lives.    They will still have an accident.     All I can do is do what I do best - provide protection, provide peace of mind, and provide security one business, one person, one senior at a time.