Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Soul Core

An organized routine is part of who I am.   Once getting up in the morning, beds are made, coffee is made, lunches are made, and getting ready to begin the work day begins.   

Being organized in my business has to be one of my top priorities.   My busy season begins in October, but way before that certifications have to be done, classes have to be attended, and clients need to be notified about changes in their plans (My business is in the Health and Medicare Insurance industry).   

Once the busy season begins, my schedule consists of seeing between six to eight clients each day.  In between that, applications have to be processed, questions have to be answered, and the phone never stops.  The only way to really get it all done and do it in a way that works for me is to be organized.  

Right before this hectic time of the year started, my husband awoke in late September with pain in his right arm and right hand.  Thinking he just "slept wrong", he toughed his way through the day.  The next day, the same pain.  When the pain started to go across his chest, there was no more waiting.  We headed to the doctor.    

He was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his neck.  When the disc ruptured, it was laying on nerves that were causing the pain in his arm.  

What followed surprised us both.  The pain was so severe that use of his right arm and hand were extremely limited.   In fact, his arm was just about paralyzed.    

He needed help with just about every aspect of his life.   He wasn't able to drive, not able to work, and had all he could do to even feed himself.   

As his wife, I did everything I could do help him.  

With my busy season starting and John still needing help, family and friends supported us by bringing us meals, stopping in to check on him, and took our dog for walks while I was working.   

In the middle of one night, John woke up in pain so severe he was screaming to make it stop.  He had been going to physical therapy during that time and they taught me how to give him traction should he need it.   Once I gave him the traction, the pain didn't go away, but he was much more comfortable.   

He took my hand during this night and asked me to pray with him.   We said a few prayers and I laid back down next to him.    

Both exhausted, we feel asleep and slept soundly for the next two hours.   

The next day, I was back at my hectic schedule and during that day, I thought about how we prayed together.   It was amazing to me how much peace ran through every aspect of that day.   

It was then that I realized that my organized schedule wasn't organized at all.   

Instead of putting God first, he was barely in my schedule.   My prayer life was almost non-existent.  

Just a week later, a friend from church reached out to me inviting me to a Soul Core class.   She described the class as a way to pray the rosary while doing low impact exercises.    

My first thought to be very honest was that there was no way that this class would fit into my schedule.    

Just saying it, I was brought back to the very moment that my husband and I prayed together.  Peace came over me once again and I knew that time wasn't the problem.   I was the problem.  

Getting to this class wasn't an option; it was a necessity.   It was necessary for my physical health, but most importantly, my spiritual health.   

I had no idea what to expect, but upon getting there we prayed the whole rosary while doing some exercises.   I left feeling peace and tranquility.   

Worry about my husband was turned into trust that night.   I got home feeling more relaxed that I had been in weeks and not only did I sleep that whole night like a baby, but so did my husband.   

It turned out that he needed me to relax just as much as I did.   

From that night on, the rosary has been a big part of my prayer life.  When I run or walk the dog, I find myself saying a few decades of the rosary.   Soul Core is held once a week and every chance that I can, it is an opportunity for me to nourish my body and soul.   

There are many evenings when I will listen to the rosary on YouTube while doing a few of the exercises that we do at class.   

Most importantly, Soul Core is another tool that God provided me when I needed to trust in his plan.  It was a tool that helped me to not worry as much.    It was a tool to guide me back to him when I needed to feel the warmth of his love and peace.   

Soul Core has been in my life now for the past three months.    

After four months, my husband is healing and went back to work for the first time today.   God made what was a difficult and painful time more bearable.  

The impact of Soul Core and the rosary has made me want to share it with others.    So much so that I applied and was accepted to go to a retreat on how to teach the program.   

Where it goes, God only knows.    

What I do know is that I trust in his plan.   

God is in control of my schedule.   It won't always be as organized as I would like, but he is always faithful to give me exactly what is needed to guide my every step.