Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Their light

After last Friday's terrible tragedy in Connecticut, it has left many people including myself feeling incredibly helpless.     My first instinct was to just pray and so that's what I did.    It did give me some comfort knowing that others were doing the same and when President Obama actually read from scripture when he addressed the people in the city of Newtown, it was my hope that all of us would receive some peace in the midst of such darkness.       

Late Saturday evening, a dear friend of mine shared with me that she had lit a candle and placed it outside to shine into heaven in rememberance of those lost in the tragedy.      I looked around my home and had the candle that was given to me when I went to All Souls Day service in our church on November 2nd in rememberance of my sweet Mother.     Now, I have to tell you that I have been lighting the candle just about every evening as I made dinner and cleaned the kitchen to have her spirit with me.     These candles are suppose to burn approximately twenty four hours.    

I lit the candle and placed it on our side stairs, said a prayer, asked God to spread his arms around these people, and then closed my eyes and thought of my Mother holding the children that were lost in her arms.     She so loved children.  

Twenty four hours later the candle was still brightly shining.     This is through wind, snow, and rain.     I never had to relight it.    

Late last night, the candle went out.    Three days and forty eight hours after it was suppose to go out, it went out.     And, then I thought, our family has lost three people this year.     My Mother, SallyAnn's Mother, and my Father-in-Law.    Three people; three days.     In the midst of a tragedy when I personally needed some peace and light, God gave it to me yet again.

I couldn't imagine the pain and anguish the families in Connecticut were going through and felt all I could do is offer a few prayers.     As I brought the candle in from outside after it went out, I felt  "Their light will forever shine in heaven" in my heart.     All of them - the three from our family and the twenty six that were lost.     In this midst of this terrible darkness, there was light.    

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