Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's The Little Things That Matter

Very often, when tragedy hits anyone and especially if several things happen within a short time frame, we as humans can't wait to get through it and see a light at the end of the tunnel.   At the end of 2012, I wish I could tell you how many times people would say to me, "I bet you can't wait for 2012 to be over".     Truth be told, I wanted to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I wanted all the pain of losing both my Mother and Father-in-law to not hurt anymore, however, I really didn't want the year to end.     The reason was because I was getting further away from losing them and afraid of not feeling pain.    As strange as that sounds, I was truly afraid that I would forget them, forget what they looked like, and forget the love that filled my heart from knowing them.    With this said, I wasn't looking forward to the end of the year as so many thought I might; I was actually dreading it.       Questions filled my mind such as, "Do I have to stop talking about them or  "Do I have to stop loving them?    I don't know if we ever get questions like these answered here on earth, but I can tell you that the fact that it was painful to me meant that I didn't want to be without their love.     The fact that it was painful meant I cherished every moment that I had with them and always will.     Both of them are deeply missed and it's all-right to miss them and still feel their love.     And I do.     

Cherishing moments now has become even more special now.    As hard as 2012 was, we also had incredibly beautiful moments.     I continue to remember all the little things about them and continue to create lots more little things today.     

Andrew and Christina were married in June of last year.      It was such a happy day and hearing them pour their hearts out to one another as they read their vows brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.      Watching them smile and laugh all day long was a great example of how it's the little things that matter the most.     Their wedding was simple and elegant, yet one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have witnessed.

As my husband and I watched Andrew and Christina get married and now watch them as they have started their lives, it's exciting to hear the plans they have together.     It's the little things like seeing them discuss and share some of their goals, watching them cook together in their home, and hearing them on the other end of the phone call just to say, "I love you."  

Michael has had many changes this past year and we couldn't be happier for him.     He has met a very special young woman, Courtney.     He also has shared the love he has in his heart with her daughter, Rosslyn.     Both Courtney and Rosslyn hold a special place in our hearts and have brought even more joy to our family.     Last week-end, Rosslyn celebrated her 1st birthday.     They had a party for her at a local place called, "Twice The Fun".     John and I went a little late so she could enjoy her little friends and play for awhile.     When we arrived, the door was shut for the room all the guests were in.     Rosslyn was sitting in her new chair with Mama helping her open gifts.     When John and I walked in, she saw us and immediately reacted.      She smiled and held up her arms as she wanted us to come to her.    I will forever remember that moment for the rest of my life.     My husband was truly glowing from ear to ear.   It was just a little thing and it meant the world to both of us.    

Each day as I awake and am blessed to spend another day with my husband, I continue to thank God.    We don't have a large home, a lot of money in the bank, or big cars, but we have more love in our hearts for one another every day.     I still get excited to hear his voice on the other end of the phone letting me know he's on his way home.     I still get excited to hear him say, "Hi baby".     I still greet him at the door when he gets home with a kiss and a long hug.      It's always going to be the little things we remember the most.    


  1. So beautiful, Terri. Thanks for the heartfelt words.

  2. They are spoken from my heart, my sweet daughter in love.