Saturday, May 18, 2013

One Little Heartbeat at a Time

Last week-end, mothers across the country celebrated Mother's Day.     Whether you are a Mom, a Step-Mom, an adopted mom, or a grandmother, we all celebrated together with homemade cards, jewelry made out of noodles, handprints, and maybe breakfast in bed.   

For some, they celebrated Mother's Day missing their child and longed to have their little one in their arms.     For some, they celebrated either their first, second, or more without their Mother.      One of my sisters and I spent the day before Mother's Day visiting my Mother's grave, planting vines and flowers, and sitting there together with her.    

As I sat at brunch the next day enjoying my family and feeling so blessed to be in their company, I thought of her of how thankful I was that she was my Mother.    She taught me to love deeply and enjoy every moment.        She took the time to change my life - one little heartbeat at a time.   


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