Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Family is Growing

When our children were born, all my husband and I ever wanted for them was their happiness.   On June 13, 2015, Michael married the love of his life, Courtney.    From the moment she entered his life, we knew that she was the one.  

They have a story all of their own and we are happy to see what their future holds.   In the meantime, it is our prayer that they enjoy everyday they have together and grow in both love and happiness.    Please enjoy a few priceless moments and memories of their special day.   

                                                    Our sons, Michael and Andrew
                                              Michael smiles as he waits for his bride
                                       Our granddaughter, Rosslyn, and the ringbearer
                                                  The beautiful bride, Courtney
                                               Time for Mom to pull out the tissues
                                                   Sharing their personal vows
                                                       More tissues for Mom
                                              Gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple
                                   My husband, John, my sweet mother in love, and I
                              Andrew's wife, Christina and both my Mother and Sister in love

                                   After 31 years of marriage, this man still takes my breath away
                                                      Michael and Courtney
                                                       The Bride and Groom
                                                            Their first dance
                                                         Seating Arrangement
                                                          Gone, but never forgotten
                                      A beautiful tribute to the ones that are watching over us
                                                        Courtney and her Dad
                                              Michael and I dance to "Mother Like Mine"
                                                       The "Shoelywed" Game
                                                This game was a big hit for the guests

                                              Michael and his Grandmother/Godmother
                                    The love of my life dances with the love of Michael's life
                                                                The cake
                                                  Will they smear one another's face?
                                                                   All smiles

                                                              There they go!

Congratulations to Michael and Courtney.    We love you both and wish you all the happiness and blessings for your life as husband and wife.    

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