Monday, April 15, 2013

Referrals and Testimonials - Good for the Heart

Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, we all want to be appreciated.    It is always so good for my heart when I am either referred by a client or someone takes the time to write out a testimonial for me in my business.   

At the end of many networking meetings that I attend regularly, there is an opportunity for people to share a testimonial for someone they have either done business with or referred someone to.     As wonderful as it is to receive both a referral and testimonial, it's also great to give them. 
I have been incredibly blessed with clients who have placed their trust in me with their insurance needs.     As a way to "Pay it Forward", I'd like to share with you many businesses that I have come to trust over the years.   It is my hope that when you need the services, you can call on me for names and numbers.   

I personally believe that these businesses will meet or exceed your expectations.   In some cases, there are more than one that I can recommend and you can take the time to "interview" who would fit your needs the most.    

Because it is springtime, I thought I would share some businesses that can help with spring cleaning:  

  1. Do you need a painter?    How about a carpenter?   
  2. Do you need floors and carpets cleaned professionally?
  3. Do you need a landscaper?  
Are you thinking about buying or selling your home?      I have established very strong relationships with both realtors and movers in the community and would love to refer them to help you.   

Are you thinking of taking a vacation this summer?     I know of a travel agent that has traveled the world and would love to help you plan your vacation.   

Are you looking to try a different kind of exercise program?    One of my dearest friends does guided hikes with one of her specialties being moonlight hikes.    It happens to be one of my favorite things to do and I would highly recommend the experience.    

After the long winter, do you need a massage?    I have just the person you need.   

And, last but not least, are you looking to lower your insurance costs?     Because I don't personally work with both homeowners and automobile insurance, I have many agents that I refer business to on a regular basis.    

If you own a business or know of one that you highly recommend, please let me know.     It's good for the community, will help them to feel appreciated, and most likely, be very good for their heart.   

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