Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Behind every contract that Balanced Care writes is a business, an individual, or a senior that relies on their coverage.      We are in the insurance business, but more importantly, we are in the people business.   I recently took the time to write a mission statement that best desribes the fundamental purpose of Balanced Care and its values.    

At Balanced Care, we understand that life can lead us to the unexpected. Family and careers are challenging enough when everything is going well. Add an unexpected illness or injury and it could result in financial hardship and your life totally off balance. Because of this, we work with every major health insurance carrier in the states of Maine and NH so that we can not only provide you with the best options, but the best value. We believe in providing you education on every product we offer so that you are able to use the plan to your full advantage. We maintain a high level of integrity with each insurance carrier and act a liaison between you and the insurance company so when you need help the most, it is there. Our goal is to continually provide you Balance, Security, and Peace of Mind with your insurance needs.

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