Thursday, August 30, 2012


    Earlier this week, I sat down with Cecelia Esposito, the former owner of Balanced Care to ask her questions on how she came about picking the name, "Balanced Care" for the business.     I have always loved the name, however, never asked the question.   I hope you enjoy learning about how it came to be as much as I have.   

When Cecelia started working in the health insurance industry, she realized several things.     She realized just how expensive health insurance plans were and she realized just how little people really understood their policies.     She began to take surveys with each client that she worked with asking as many questions as possible to make sure they were not only getting the better rates, but also understanding how to have the policy work for them.      She took into consideration both individual and business budgetary requirements and in doing so,  presented options that matched coverage to each person or business she worked with.   

Clients were always appreciative of the work that was put into coming up with options and knew that she cared.      She came up with "Balanced" because she was continually working to keep budgets "Balanced" while making sure that people were protected and "Care" because quite simply, she cared.     The tagline of Balanced Care at the time was "Balancing Your Insurance Needs With A Focus On Affordability". 

If you take a look at my website,,  on the "About Us" section, I go into detail how I am grateful for the opportunity to be the owner of Balanced Care.     Cecelia really spent a lot of time with me making sure that I understood products, but also spent a lot of time making sure that the product that was being offered fit specific needs.     This included not only budgets, but also making sure that clients were aware of the plans and how it fit their lifestyle.     When Cecelia first went into business, her focus was on Health Insurance but soon went on to Dental, Life, Supplemental plans such as Cancer and Accident, Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Long Term Care.     She continually looked for ways to keep the "Balance" in your life while giving you protection.    When she offered the business to me to buy, she knew that I would work to provide the same values that she did, however, bring some fresh ideas for growth to help more people.      Because of this, I did decide to keep the name, however, I did change the tagline:  

Balanced Care - Providing Balance, Security, and Peace of Mind    

Let me break that down:    If you look in the dictionary, these are the definitions:

Balanced -

A stable mental or emotional state. 

A harmonious or satisfying arrangement.  

An influence producing equalibrium.    

Security -

Freedom from risk. 

Freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear; gives confidence.  

Something that leaves you feeling safe.   

Peace of Mind -

Inner contentment and serenity.    

From day one, my goal is not to sell you something.     It is provide education on the products you are interested in, and help provide the balance, the security, and the peace of mind that everyone of us deserves each and everyday.     

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