Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days 12 - 21

Life has a way of making you realize that you have so much to be grateful for.      Here are days twelve through twenty-one.   

Day 12 - This is Rosslyn, Courtney's precious little baby girl who we have fallen head over heals in love with and are grateful to have in our lives. Can you see why we love her? She is over the top way too cute!

Day 13 -   I couldn't think of a better way to say this:

Day 14 - As I sit here this morning enjoying a cup of coffee with the sun beaming brightly through the window warming our home (And our dog Jazz basking in the sun next to my feet), I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work in my home office. It's a gift I treasure every day.

Day 15 - Grateful today that I have to opportunity to plan for meals each day. As much as we all can complain about coming up with ideas for dinner, we are never hungry and always have food on the table. What's for dinner tonight in your home? For us, tonight is venison tenderloins. Can't wait to prepare it, can't wait to eat it!

Day 16 - I am so grateful for an incredibly busy day and the best part is, it's about to become even busier. I can't wait to share all that is going on right now with the business.

Days 17 - 19 - I am grateful for answered prayers, having my children know what is most important in life, family gathering to support one another, and continual cherished memories. This past week-end, my Father In Law developed an infection and was put into intensive care. He was very sick and we were all extremely concerned. He is out of intensive care and has been doing much better the last couple of days. We never know what direction our life will take. All we can do is rely on each other and share the greatest gifts we have - our prayers and our love. The rest is just a bonus.

Day 20 - I will always be grateful for a beautiful woman that I had the honor of calling Mom. It has been ten months since we lost her and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. With the holidays approaching and our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her, I am treasuring the past and grateful that we had her as long as we did. Take some time this holiday season to spend with your loved ones. It's worth far more than any gift you can ever put under a tree.   

My Beautiful Mother, Joyce Savory

Day 21 - I am grateful that I have the priviledge of going to the store today and each week for groceries. The grocery stores will be full today in preparation for tomorrow. Instead of being hurried today, I plan on enjoying the task before me. Seeing all the people makes me realize that many families and friends will get together, share a meal, and enjoy each other's company.     
Balanced Care would like to let you know that we are grateful for you and wish you all the blessings of health and happiness on Thanksgiving and always.      

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