Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showing gratitude Days 6 - 11

It has been a beautiful journey being more aware of everything that brings me gratitude each day.     Here are days 6 - 11:

Day 6 - I am grateful for the freedom to vote. It's a priviledge that has been fought for and even died for. It's a day that less than 5% of the world's population throughout history have been able to do. It's a day that I am proud to live in this country and have the opportunity to have my voice heard.

Day 7 - I am grateful that I woke up this morning and chose not to turn on the television or read any other negative comments about this election. Instead, I have a list of random acts of kindness that I can't wait to do. Who's with me?

Day 8 - Today I am especially grateful for our warm home. Although you may think this means the heat that comes on to warm our home, it also means the love that continues to grow inside our home. We have plenty of dust around, dishes that continually need to be washed each night, and laundry piles, but together we get it done and feel blessed to be able to do so.

Day 9 - I will always be grateful to Cecelia Furente Esposito for giving me the opportunity to not only work in a business that I love, but giving me the opportunity to own a business that I love. Business is hard work and it is never easy, however, when you look into a client's eyes that now understands their coverage, is now protected, and continually hear how they will sleep better, it is all worth it.

Day 10 - I am grateful for moments; both past and present. Friday evenings were an evening I would spend with my Mother. We would go out to eat, stay in and enjoy a cup of tea together, or just do errands. After her death, Friday nights were and still are the hardest evening for me to face. Last Friday night, I heard a knock on the door. Courtney Gray (Michael's girlfriend) was ...
there with her precious little baby daughter, Rosslyn, all dressed up as a lamb for Halloween. It was a moment that I will forever cherish. Last night, Christina Spurling (Andrew's wife - I love saying that) invited me to where she teaches for a soup and cider night (I had the most amazing soup - pumpkin lobster) and then to her art studio where her work is being featured this week-end. My heart beamed with pride as I watched her direct her students in music and then watched her talk with strangers about her art work. Another moment that I will cherish. Thank you girls - I hope you know how much you are appreciated.
Day 11 - I am grateful today and everyday for not only the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect all of us here at home, but their families that support them. To all of you, Happy Veterans Day. To me, everyday is your day and we are blessed for all you have done and are still doing.

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