Saturday, September 1, 2012

National LIfe Insurance Awareness Month

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month and because Balanced Care provides Life Insurance to individuals, businesses, and seniors, we thought we would provide as much education on this product this month as possible.    

We will start with answering the most commonly asked questions and because today is the first of the month, we thought we would start with the question that is asked the most.     "Do I Need Life Insurance"?   

Are you engaged or married? Your spouse or partner can use the benefits to help pay for final expenses that include burial costs as well as meet ongoing obligations such as rent, mortgage, or car payments.

Are you the breadwinner in the family? If your family’s lifestyle would significantly be impacted, benefits will help with the loss of income.
Are you a parent with dependent children? Benefits can provide for your children’s financial needs. Expenses such as day care, medical care, braces, school and tuition will be taken care of even if you are no longer able to do so.

Are you a single parent? Your children rely on your income to survive.
Are you a stay at home parent? Even if you don’t work outside of your home, you provide plenty of work inside the home. Caring for children, housekeeping, cooking, and bookkeeping will all need to be replaced.

Are you a homeowner? Without your income, your family would still have to pay the mortgage, sell the home, or worst case scenario, face foreclosure.

Are you in business with a partner? Your death could cause the business to fail or close and leave more than one family financially distraught.
Are you an employer with one or more hard to replace valued employees? Without these key employees, your company can fail causing the company to close down. This not only effects the company, but every employee and their families.

Are you involved with an important cause or charity? If you want a leave a lasting legacy, the benefit can be donated to your favorite charity.

As we have always said, Life Insurance is a personal decision. At Balanced Care, we do encourage no obligation consultations so you can get to know us as a broker and the insurance companies we represent. We do work with over forty carriers so that we can offer the most competitve rates, the best underwriting offers, and most importantly, support and customer service when you need it the most.     

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