Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Senior's Point of View

Balanced Care works with Medicare beneficiaries in the states of NH and Maine helping them with Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans.      It happens to be one of the aspects of my work that is very gratifying.   

Medicare changes every year and with these changes comes frustration on the part of our seniors.   It is normal for me to walk into a home and see their kitchen table full of paperwork from both Medicare and insurance companies.     It is also normal for me to see a beneficiary in tears because they can't make any sense of what they need.      

To help you understand what our seniors go through, I thought this poem entitled "A Senior's Point of View" would help.     I hope it helps you to understand their confusion and frustration.      

A Senior's Point of View

In a few short months
I'm about to turn sixty five
And with everything I've gone through
I'm just glad to be alive.

Everyone told me that I'd be happy
To sign up for Medicare
So a visit to the Social Security office is in order
Catch me if you dare.   

About a month later
I receive my Medicare card
Parts A and B are covered
understanding what this means is just plain hard.

I begin to read the booklet
that Medicare sent to me
I can't understand a thing
Except that there will be a fee.  

Because I've been through surgery
and take prescription drugs
Medicare won't cover these
I'm scared now and really just need a hug.  

Part D or Medicare Advantage
is a way to help me out
so I call insurance companies
because now I've also been diagnosed with gout.  

Lots of information is coming through the mail
Each insurance company sends me piles of paperwork about their plans
I now have a table full of stuff
That gets blown around by the fan.   

I'm more confused than ever
and don't know what to do
I'm told to go online
Which only frustrates me and makes me feel like gobbly-goo.  

A friend of mine tells me
that she knows of someone to call
She'll help sort it all out for you
And make you feel like she's catching you as you fall.   

I meet with Terri Trepanier
Who's business is Balanced Care
she's a broker, consultant, and educator
and working with her is like going to a fair.   

Admist all the paperwork
she gets to know me and my needs
It is obvious to me
working with her is not about greed.   

It's about making sense of Medicare
And managing my costs
It's making it less complicated
So I'll never again be lost.   

If you have a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle that is struggling with their Medicare choices, please think about Balanced Care.      We are in the insurance business, but most importantly, we are in the people business.     

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