Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"I Want My Mommy Now"

Not only is October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also National Dental Hygiene Month.    When I was thinking about dental hygiene,  I couldn't help but think of my son, Andrew, when he was just four years old and going to the dentist for the second time.  

On the way to the dentist office for his cleaning, he assured me that he wouldn't need me to go into the office with him while he had his cleaning.    I could wait in the waiting room because he could now do this "all by himself".   I hesitated as I watched my big boy walk into the room with the dental hygienist and felt proud of this big accomplishment.   About twenty minutes later, I heard this blood curdling scream from inside the dental office.     Loud and clear, I heard, " I want my Mommy now!"    Everyone in the waiting area heard this and looked at one another as I said, "That's my son".   I got up and walked into the office where he was.   

Andrew was standing up on the dental chair and when he saw me, he literally leaped into my arms.     The dentist wanted to do a flouride treatment at this visit and Andrew wanted nothing to do with it.  At the time, the flouride treatment looked like a long tube with a small flame coming out of it.     It didn't hurt at all, but the looks of it scared him and talking him into it would take an act of Congress.    Still in my arms, the dentist showed Andrew on my finger that his Mommy could do it.    He showed him on the hygienist finger.    The harder he tried, the more he protested.   The dentist let me know that he never had a patient that he couldn't talk into having something done.  That is until Andrew.   

We put it off for another visit and on the way to the dentist, Andrew assured me that he was a big boy, but I could go in with him if I would feel better.      He didn't say, "I want my Mommy now" in those specific words, but I heard him loud and clear.      The best part is he had the treatment done and I was right there with him watching another milestone take place.          

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