Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 2, 1984 2:15 AM

My work as an Insurance broker is one that I love and look forward to every day, but the best job ever came in the beginning of February 1984.      A positive pregnancy test told me that my husband and I were expecting a baby and my job as a Mother had now begun.    

My pregnancy had complications when at my first appointment, I was told that I was much too big for a six week pregnancy.  The doctor was convinced that I was either carrying more than one baby or that there was something else in my womb causing me to look  further along than I was.  He immediately ordered a ultra sound that same day.   The ultrasound showed that I wasn't carrying twins, but had tumors growing in my uterus right next to the baby.  The hormones that a woman's body produces during pregnancy were causing the tumors to grow at a rapid speed.  The doctor told me that it was a miracle that I ever became pregnant.      Needless to say, the tumors would have to come out, however, because I was expecting this precious miracle, I didn't want to jeopardise the pregnancy.   I would be monitored closely for the next ten weeks to make sure that the tumors didn't rupture and the baby wasn't in any danger.   After these ten weeks, the baby would be able to survive surgery and the tumors could come out.     

Three weeks later, I awoke to terrible pain.   I immediately called the doctor and set up an appointment.    My worse fears came true as the tumors were rupturing endangering the baby's life as well as mine.     The doctor asked me to consider terminating the pregnancy as I would have to have emergency surgery the next day.     I remember my Motherly instinct so well that day.     I told him that if it was a miracle that I became pregnant, then I would leave the rest up to God and let him work his miracle.       I came out of surgery and immediately asked about the baby.    I was relieved to hear that everything went well.      

At my two week check-up after my surgery, the doctor wanted to see if he could hear a heartbeat. The doctor listened and began to smile.    I will never forget the moment he told me the heartbeat was strong and he now believed that I would carry this baby to term.      

On October 2, 1984, at 2:15 AM, our oldest son, Michael Claude, was born healthy and the best job as that of his Mother was now in full swing.    It may seem strange, but each year, at exactly 2:15 AM on his birthday, I wake up and relive that moment of watching him come into our lives.      I don't plan on doing this.     It just happens.       

Michael has grown up to a wonderful young man who I continue to admire each day.    He began my journey as a Mother and I pray he knows the joy he has brought me.      

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